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Welcome to the world of the Snap-on Spanner Bracelet as worn by Guy Martin, from the very first spanner I made into a bracelet I knew it was something I was going to repeat again and again!

Spanner Gang

We really do love to create new and exciting jewelry for men and women in all kinds of forms. However, the best gift is the emails we get from customers who can finally buy their other half a unique gift they don’t already have!

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Over Ten years in the game

Working our magic since 2000!

We pioneered the spanner bracelet over 10 years ago and have not stopped since! Snap-on Spanner bracelets make an awesome gift but we also have lots of other options in our store, check it out!

Snap-On Spanner Bracelet

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Red Bronze Spanner Bracelet

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Silver Spanner Ring

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Nutlet Bracelet

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Kwicksilver Kustoms was born in Weymouth, Dorset and continues to thrive in the county. With our unique style designs you're sure to find something that suits.

``Massive thanks to Chloe, the products awesome and the customer service is amazing. Will be coming back for something else soon``

Farhad Shaah, Weymouth

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