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Snap On Spanner Bracelet The No.1 Best Seller


Snap On Spanner Bracelet No.1 Best seller

Time to get tooled up and in the #Spanner Gang just like Guy Martin!

Made from a brand new snap-on spanner and hand forged into a bracelet, this really is the ultimate man’s gift! unless your like me then this is also the ultimate lady’s gift too!!!

What you waiting for come join the ever growing Spanner Gang.


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Snap On Spanner Bracelet The No.1 Best Seller.

Time to get tooled up and in the #SpannerGang just like Guy Martin.

Welcome to the home of the snap-on spanner bracelet, you must have awesome taste in jewelry or know someone that does to find yourself here?

Here we have a unique piece of jewelry, which is also a tool!!!

New darker inside polish for a sleeker and longer lasting look.

Made from a brand new snap-on spanner and hand forged into a bracelet, this really is the ultimate man’s gift! unless your like me then this is also the ultimate lady’s gift too!!!

Metal: Steel / Chrome Vernadium

(This item could contain zinc and nickle as they are made in a factory that uses these metals)

Brand: Snap-on

Spanner Style: Combi Wrench

So what do you need to do to get your hands on one of these awesome gifts?

Measure you wrist nice and tight at the smallest part of your wrist, if you need help see my Sizing info page.

Once you have worked out the wrist size you are buying, then just match it to a spanner listed, if your wrist measures 7″ please purchase the 7″ spanner bracelet which is a 9mm. Do not order the size up or it may be too big, as this item is worn like a cuff bracelet.

Do we make them for kids? Im afraid not for under 16’s. This is due to kids bones not being as strong as the steel / chrome vernadium snap-on spanner.

So what’s the difference between metric and imperial I hear you ask?

The main difference is the spanner ends are different sizes and so are the length of spanners. The Imperial spanners are used on old fashioned bolt heads and the metric spanners are used on newer style bolt heads, the writing on each spanner is different too.

What’s the spanner made of? Steel / Chrome vernadium

Can these metals cause skin reactions? If you are allergic to non precious metal then this could cause a skin reaction. If you have had cancer treatment we suggest you do not purchase or wear this item as the skin oils will corrode the spanner bracelet.

Will this item tarnish? Over time every piece of jewellery will tarnish due to skin and air contact even 18K gold. This item needs to be kept clean, dry and polished, we suggest a little auto sol chrome cleaner and a lot of elbow grease.

What sorts of customers buy this item? Well as we don’t know the in-depth lives of all our customers we can only say the item appeals to a wide range of people such as:


#motor bike riders

#race car drivers

#truck drivers

#Guymartin fans

#Steve parish fans

#motor fans

#petrol heads

#Snapon addicts

#car enthusiasts

#FastnLoud Fans

Pretty much anyone with awesome taste in jewellery!

Sound like you have found the perfect gift and ready to check out?

Please select the wrist size you need in the drop down box, select the postage require on check out , uk is free and outside the uk is extra.

Once your order has been placed ill drop you a message and check you have the correct wrist size, if you want to message me then feel free, if we don’t hear back from you then were send the item ordered.

All items are handmade and busy times like Sept, Oct, Nov and Dec, can see delays in getting responses for orders out as there is only little old me making and responding to orders and enquires, so please bare with me and I’ll get back to you as soon as I’m out the workshop.

As these items are handmade they do differ slightly and can contain some makers marks, or even snap-on’s making marks, if you’re not happy with your bespoke items finish please just let me know as soon as you have it and send it back for exchange.

If you get your item and think you have the wrong size, no worries crack the tape measure out again, pull it nice and tight and fill in the paper work enclosed in the returns envelope included in the package. Then just pop the post office and return it to me via 2nd class recorded post. (Return postage paid via customer and not refunded) Once I have your item back ill make you up an exchange and ill pay to post it back out to you. Simples!

This item has no connection legally with snap-on uk or snap-on usa, yes they made the spanners but they haven’t made them into a bracelet so any issue please contact me not them! Snap-on are well aware of what we do with their awesome products, but have no liabilities for my work.

If you have placed your order, then welcome to the spanner gang, if not then get your order in before we run out again!!

Steel and chrome vanadium can cause skin irritations so please discontinue wearing if this occurs and contact your doctor for advice.

Please do not try to alter this item at home as it will snap, instead just post it back for alter or exchange as it is included in the listing. Return Instructions included in the package.

Typical FAQS-

What happens is my item doesn’t fit? No worries these items include alter or exchange and the paper work is included within the package and it just requires the item to be posted back to me by a recorded post, so it can’t get lost and ill pay to post it back to you recorded. Returns from outside the UK need to have a customs label on and stating Returns or customs charges will be applied for me to collect it and the item won’t be exchanged or altered until the customer pays the customs charges.

I live outside the EU, will I be charged Customs charges? Depending on your customs department, then customs could be applied to your package and purchasing anything from the UK that is shipped overseas can incur a customs charge. The customs charge will not be paid by kwicksilverkustoms and is the sole responsibility of the buyer. If the item is returned without customs charges paid then a refund would be made less the customs fee.

Is engraving possible on this item? No I am afraid not.

Does this item have a age requirement? This item is suitable for people aged 18 years and older.

Can I have a 13mm spanner when my wrist size is 7″? No, I’m afraid not the spanner are different lengths to start with and we have worked out which size spanner should fit each wrist best.

Can you make me a solid Gold Snap-on Spanner bracelet? No, copyright laws would have a field day if we replicated this item in another metal and tbh I’m just not down with that anyway. But we do make plain sexy solid gold or silver spanner bracelets.

Why don’t you make this item for under 18 year old’s? The truth is this item is made from steel which is a strong metal and most kids like to put their hands in places they shouldn’t and get stuck, so this would result in the child’s arm breaking if they were wearing the snap-on spanner bracelets at the time, as younger bones aren’t quiet strong enough yet.

What happens if my item is delayed via royal mail? Due to Covid-19 all items are subject to delays but 90% of my items are arriving on time with next day by 1pm service is sent Mon-Thursdays.

What happens if I order an item, send it back for exchange and then decided I don’t want it? The item once received back in the same condition as sent out will be subject to two postal costs of £7.50 deducted from the original purchase costs before refunding.

Happy Shopping and thanks for your interest in my crazy creations, if you don’t want to give the game away and measure someone, then why not get a snap-on spanner gift voucher. see my shop for info.


Just purchased, then sit back feet up and your package will be on its way soon and a email with the tracking ref will be sent to you payment email address so you know once i have posted it! If you paid via PayPal and don’t actually check your PayPal emails then drop me a contacts form with your usable email address please.

Welcome to the Spanner Gang!

Please remember guys, this item is for over 18’s only, don’t wear it next to another metal bracelet or watch or it could cause damage to either item, don’t wear it while your asleep or using machinery and it’s not for everyone! Some customers just won’t be able to wear steel / chrome vernadium as their skin oils will not like it or if they are on medication, you may find a chrome plate will stop any tarnishing caused by your skin oils at an extra cost of £20 plus postage to an external plater. info included in package.

Snap-on spanner bracelets are now harder to get hold of due to snap-on spanner deliveries being on hold due to coronavirus stopping shipment from the usa. So for this reason we will supply what we have in stock which could be a 12 spline or a 6 spline. If you want to exchange once we have the opposite in stock please just drop us a message after purchasing.


1/3 days from dispatch via trackable post via royal mail special delivery, when items are in stock and not on back order.

Have you followed us on Facebook for all the latest info- https://www.facebook.com/SpannerBracelet

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Some items can take up to four plus weeks to come in stock and be dispatched

Additional information

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 150 × 50 × 150 cm
Wrist Size

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